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General Information

The KU Neurology faculty members are enthusiastic about learning and teaching, and we hope that students will not only appreciate the ability to localize a lesion using the neurologic examination and knowledge of neurology but also the fact that conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, autonomic system, nerves and muscles can not only be diagnosed, but many of them can be successfully managed and controlled.


Mandatory Third-Year Neurology Clerkship

Inpatient Experience

  • Four weeks will be spent on the Neurology Ward, Neurology Consult, Neuro ICU, or Children's Mercy Hospital Neurology Services. Students are required to round with the weekend call team one weekend day of the rotation. There is no night call.

Outpatient Experience

  • Students on one of the KU rotations (Ward, Consult, or Neuro ICU) will be assigned to a faculty member's clinic and participate in clinic four half days per month. Students at Children's Mercy Hospitals will participate in outpatient clinic in the KU adult Neurology Clinic as well.

Fourth-Year Neurology Elective

  • Fourth-year electives on the KU Neurology Wards or Consult rotations are also available for interested KU and visiting students.

Educational Opportunities

  • During the clerkship, the neurologic and funduscopic examinations will be taught, and students will participate in small group and case discussions, web modules, Neurology Shelf Examination Review Session, and other educational opportunities. Teaching is given by faculty and resident members of the department. Most lectures covering the topics of dementia, neurologic emergencies, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, headaches, and more have been Podcasted and are available on JayDocs. Additionally, students are required to attend lectures given weekly in the department's Grand Rounds series.


  • A handbook outlining clerkship policies, dress code, schedules, requirements, evaluations, and a host of other information is available to currently enrolled students on JayDocs.

KU School of Medicine Graduation Competencies:

If you are a KU student or a visiting student interested in completing a fourth-year elective in Neurology at KU, please feel free to contact Paula Mengel at 913-588-6996 or e-mail her at

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018