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How many credit hours of course work should I take each semester?

Pre-Comp Students - 6 hr constitutes Full-time status in Spring and Fall and 3 credit hours in Summer.

Post-Comp Students - who have not reached 18 post-comp hours Post-comprehensive students must signup for the 851 Seminar course (both spring and fall) until they have reached 18 post-comprehensive credit hours.  So typically, student will take 5 credits of 850 research and 1 credit of 851 Seminar in Spring and Fall semesters and 3 credits of 850 in summers. 
NOTE: Students count those credit hours taken during the semester that they completed their comprehensive exam as post-comp hours.  However, if student takes the Oral Comp exam during the breaks between Fall/Spring, Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall semesters then you count post-comp as those hours occurring after the exam date.    

Post-comp Students - who have 18 post-comp hours.
Post-comprehensive students that have fulfilled 18 h of post-comprehensive hours and your committee has agreed that no further coursework is required should take 1 credit hour of 999 Doctoral Dissertation.  Additionally, on the first semester that you are eligible to take this course work you will need to fill out a "Certification of Eligibility to Enroll in Fewer than Normal Required Hours", which you can find at this website. Once you have filled out the form, the Graduate Program Director must sign it and then it goes to Office of Graduate Studies for approval.   

NOTES:  These students do not enroll for Seminar 851. You will continue to take 999 Doctoral Dissertation for 1 credit hour until you graduate.

Post-comprehensive student with active loans or deferments.  The present policy as written by KU is that once you reach doctoral status and registered in dissertation credits you are considered full time.  However, there is some concern that KU policy and that associated with loans may be different, so you'll need to contact Financial Aid and determine if your particular loan agrees with KU's definition as a full time student.  You should register for 1 credit hour of 999 Doctoral Dissertation unless directed otherwise by Financial Aid.

Last modified: Jan 25, 2013