Randolph J. Nudo, Ph.D.

Director of Center on Aging
Florida State University, 1985

Research Focus

Neural bases of recovery after stroke; motor learning; cortical plasticity

Research Interests 

Our laboratory is studying the brain's capacity for self-repair after damage. We utilize a non-human primate model of stroke recovery to determine the neurophysiologic, neuroanatomic, and biochemical bases for recovery. By tracking changes in the structure and function of motor areas of the cerebral cortex as a result of a focal vascular infarct, we are beginning to describe the cascade of events that give rise to the reorganized brain. We are also studying novel forms of treatment in chronic stroke to enhance and accelerate the recovery process. These treatment interventions include both physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy, or device-based approaches, either alone or in combination. It is our goal to translate directly the information we gain through brain plasticity research into effective clinical applications.

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Randolph J. Nudo, Ph.D.
Director of Center on Aging

220-K Landon Center on Aging
3599 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160

P: (913) 588-1247
F: (913) 588-1201