Phil Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
University of Minnesota, 2000

Research Focus

Characterization and understanding of functional and physiological processes of the brain in vivo and disease using non-invasive neuroimaging techniques.

Research Overview

Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. in Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics from the University of Minnesota. His research topic was the physiological bases of functional MRI signals. Dr. Lee completed his postdoctoral training at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research in University of Minnesota . His research continued at the Nathan Kline Institute as a senior research scientist and focused on the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease using MRI by visualizing ß-amyloid plaques in the brain. Dr. Lee’s current research interests include the characterization and understanding of biological processes in the brain in vivo at the cellular and molecular level using novel non-invasive magnetic resonance techniques. Dr. Lee’s research goal is early diagnosis and identification of changes in functional and physiological aspects of neurodegenerative diseases during the disease progression.

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Phil Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

G035 Hoglund Brain Imaging Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160

P: (913) 588-0454
F: (913) 588-9071