David F. Albertini, Ph.D.

Harvard University, 1975

Research Focus

Ovarian function, gamete biology and early mammalian development as related to contraceptive development, infertility treatments and regenerative medicine.

Research Interests

Our laboratory employs genetic, molecular and imaging strategies to study basic aspects of the process of reproduction that bear on human disease and its clinical management by stem cell therapy. The overall emphasis is on Women's Health in relation to causes of human infertility, ovarian cancer, and the deployment of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTS) for improving egg and embryo quality in human and animal models. Three project areas are actively under study:

  1.Ovarian Physiology-the basis of signaling between the somatic and germ cell compartments of the mammalian ovary is studied using mouse knockout models of TGF-beta and gap junctional communication as related to the regulation of oogenesis and folliculogenesis.  

2. Oocyte Meiotic Cell Cycle Regulation-how modifications in checkpoint control of somatic cells are adapted to ensure chromosome balance during meiosis in oocytes is being approached by live cell imaging techniques that permit simultaneous visualization of microtubule and chromosome dynamics during cell cycle progression. This problem bears directly on the effects of maternal aging and environmental exposure on reproductive fitness in aging women and is especially pertinent to the cause of Trisomy 21 or Downs Syndrome.  

3. Embryonic Origins of Stem Cells- the low efficiency and poor development manifest after in vitro embryo production in most mammals is thought to be the result of both maternal environment and culture conditions that influence generation of placental and embryonic progenitors. Live imaging, genetic marking, and gene expression studies are aimed at understanding these methodological deficiencies to improve the quality of embryos from which stem cells can be isolated. Cell polarity and cell cycle regulation, in addition to chromatin remodeling, are being focused on as likely targets for disruption in the normal cascade of developmental events that compromise embryogenesis and the ability of embryonic stem cells to retain self renewal and differentiative capacities.

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Recent Publications

(Publications selected from a total of 150 peer-reviewed publications)

Oogenesis (2013) Editors:Cotichhio, G., Albertini, D.F., and DeSantis, L. Springer. ... show all 3 hide  ISBN: 978-0-85729-825-6 (Print) 978-0-85729-826-3 (Online); DOI 10.1007/978-0-85729-826-3

Chapters and Original Papers:
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So IH, Hodges CA, Albertini DF, Hunt PA. (2011). Oocyte-specific differences in cell cycle control create an innate susceptibility to meiotic errors. Current Biology 21:651-657 DOI 10.1016/j.cub.2011.03.003

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