Seminar Series

BottlesSeminars as part of four series,

  • the Microbiology Seminars Series (MBS, invited speakers),
  • the Work in Progress Series (WIP, graduate students and postdocs), or
  • the Student Literature Seminar Series (SLS/MICR830, graduate students),
  • the Faculty Seminar Series (FSS, Department Faculty).

are presented at 11:00 a.m. in 1025 Orr-Major on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless otherwise noted.

Non-department faculty interested in meeting the speakers should contact the host or the following individuals in charge of the three series: MBS, Jianming Qiu, Ph.D.; WIP, Mary Markiewicz, Ph.D.; SLS, Sebastien Pichoff, Ph.D.

If you would like to be added to our seminar mailing list, please contact Kathy Mackay


Speaker and Topic


Aug 24 (Mon)

Fall Classes Begin


Sept 1 (Tue)

Sept 2 (Wed)

IGPBS & MD/PhD Interaction Lunch & Poster Session


Sept 3 (Thu)


Sept 7 (Mon)

Labor Day Holiday


Sept 17 (Thu)



Sept 22 (Tue)

Xiao-Qiang (Sean) Yu, Ph.D., Professor & Interim Head, Division of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, UMKC

Jianming Qiu

Sept 24 (Thu)

Run, Hide, Fight Training Exercise 7AM – 12PM


Sept 29 (Tue)

John E. Tavis, Ph.D., Dept of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Liver Center, Saint Louis University

Severin Gudima

Oct 6 (Tue)



Oct 8 (Thu)

Mark Fisher, Ph.D., Professor, Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, KUMC

Severin Gudima

Oct 13 (Tue)

Wen-Xing Ding, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept of Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics, KUMC

Jianming Qiu

Oct 15 (Thu)

Roberto N. De Guzman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept of Molecular Biosciences, KU

Jianming Qiu

Oct 19 (Mon)

Inflammation & Immunity Module Starts


Oct 20 (Tue)



Oct 22 (Thu)

Alison McBride, Ph.D., Chief DNA Tumor Virus Section, Laboratory of Viral Diseases, NIAID, NIH

Jianming Qiu

Oct 27 (Tue)

Faculty Research Day


Oct 29 (Thu)

Bret Freudenthal, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Indranil Biswas

Nov 2 (Mon)

Infectious Diseases Module Starts


Nov 3 (Tue)



Nov 5 (Thu)

Haidong Gu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University

Maria Kalamvoki

Nov 10 (Tue)

Andrew Trembath, Graduate Student


Nov 11 (Wed)

Veterans Day Holiday


Nov 12 (Thu)

David Obeso Domingo, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Maria Kalamvoki

Nov 17 (Tue)

Amara Seng, Graduate Student


Nov 19 (Thu)

Bernard Roizman, Sc.D., Joseph Regenstein Distinguished Service Professor of Virology, Dept of Microbiology, University of Chicago

Maria Kalamvoki

Nov 20 (Fri)

Inflammation & Immunity Module Ends


Nov 24 (Tue)

Sicheng Zhou, Graduate Student


Nov 26-27

Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec 1 (Tue)



Dec 3 (Thu)



Dec 8 (Tue)

Shui Qing Ye, M.D., Ph.D., William R. Brown/Missouri Endowed Chair in Medical Genetics & Molecular Medicine, Professor, Dept of Pediatrics and Dept of Biomedical & Health Informatics, Director, Div. of Experimental & Translational Genetics, Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Jianming Qiu

Dec 10 (Thu)

Last Day of Fall Classes


Dec 15 (Tue)



Dec 17 (Thu)



Dec 18 (Fri)

Infectious Diseases Module Ends


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