Medical Education

The Department sponsors two modules in the new School of Medicine curriculum. The Inflammation & Immunity (I2) module (CORE 810) is taught in the Fall semester of the first year. The Infectious Diseases (ID) module (CORE 850) is taught in the Spring semester of the second year. These modules convey the core graduation competencies of the undergraduate M.D. program. Educational Objectives of the School of Medicine.

Module information is posted on JayDocs and requires password access. For more information, please contact one of the following individuals:

Thorkil Jensen Achievement Award

Thor Jensen






Thorkil Jensen, Ph.D.

Each year, the Department of Microbiology recognizes the student(s) with the highest academic performance in Infectious Diseases (until 2006 Medical Microbiology) by presenting them with the Thorkil Jensen Achievement Award.  

Since 2012, the award also recognizes the student(s) who most contributed to a positive learning environment in the Inflammation and Immunity module (formerly named after Thomas R. Hamilton; see below).

Dr. Jensen, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Former Dean for Admissions, was a member of the Department from 1952 to 1987. This scholarship fund was established in 1987 by members of the Department in Dr. Jensen's honor.

 I2 2013 & ID 2014 Award Winners

Scott Cooper, SoM17 (I2 2013) Jason Lepse SoM17 (I2 2013) Sarah Bergkamp, SoM16 (ID 2014)


Past Awardees: 2013 (ID): Megan Prewitt; 2012 (I2): Jeff Hills; 2012: Aric Aldrich; 2011: Jennifer Thompson; 2010: Alan Martinez, Paul St. Romain; 2009: Brett Malone, Erin O'Brien; 2008: Bridget Harrison, Michael Hagan; 2006: Shriti Masrani, Megan Krause; 2005: Onalisa Winblad, John Eaton, David Scoville; 2004: Ryan Hall & Joshua Max; 2003: Colin Ruff & Ryan Vancura; 2002: Jacob Taussig; 2001: Misty Allen; 2000: Deana Kadyk & James Lehman; 1999: Victor Van Hee; 1998: Jeffrey Boomer; 1997: Ryan Knopp & Kimberly Oates; 1996: Jennifer Firestone; 1995: Mark Androes; 1994: Patrick P. Han; 1993: Denise Kay Wilson; 1992: Curtis L. Beauregard & Tracy Ann Bleything; 1991: Jack Jaeger; 1990: Lucinda Hunt; 1989: David P. Fredrickson; 1988: Marla Ullom-Minnich; 1987: Justin David Bennett; 1986: Joseph Lasnier.


Thomas R. Hamilton Achievement Award

Thomas R. Hamilton, M.D., M.S.

From 2006 until 2011, the Department of Microbiology recognized students in the Inflammation & Immunity module by presenting them with the Thomas R. Hamilton Achievement Award. From 2006 until 2008, the award was given to the students with the highest academic performance in Inflammation & Immunity. In 2009, the award also recognized the students who most contributed to a positive learning environment. Since 2010, the award recognizes the student(s) who most contributed to a positive learning environment.

Dr. Hamilton, former Professor of Microbiology and Pathology, was a member of the Department of Pathology from 1946-1950. In 1951, he became the first Chair of the new Department of Microbiology. He retired from the School of Medicine in 1969. This scholarship fund was established in 2006 with a bequest from Dr. Hamilton's estate.


Past Awardees: 2011: Brett Siegel; 2010: Ashwin Ananth; 2009: James Bush, Katie Grelinger, Christopher Leto, Mark Moody, Kaley Morris; 2008: Erin Locke, Paul St. Romain; 2007: Meghan Ward; 2006: Luke Spencer-Gardner

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