Graduate Studies Requirements

Requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Microbiology

Students pursuing the Ph.D. degree must complete the first year of the IGPBS. Coursework requirements for students that have been directly accepted into the Department's Graduate Program will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Starting with their second year of study, students are required to take three one-hour courses that cover the Principles or Immunology (MICR801), Virology (MICR802), and Bacteriology (MICR803). In addition, students will take two of the following four courses: Advanced Immunology, Advanced Virology, Advanced Microbiology, or Host-pathogen Interactions (see Curriculum). The Ph.D. qualifying exam is taken after completion of the second year and involves the oral defense of a written research proposal outside the student's immediate research area.

Students also participate in the Departmental Seminar Series by regularly attending the Microbiology Seminars (MBS) and by presenting four Student Literature Seminars (SLS). Participation in the Research-in-Progress (RIP) series is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Together, this prepares the students for the presentation of their own findings beyond the confines of the Department, e.g. at the Medical Center's Student Research Forum, and at regional, national, or international scientific meetings. Financial support for student travel to scientific meetings is available.

A written dissertation and oral defense are required for completion of the Ph.D. Completion of the curriculum typically requires five years of study.

Requirements for the M.D./Ph.D. degree in Microbiology

The department offers a combined program for students who wish to pursue the M.D. and Ph.D. degrees concurrently. Admission through the KU M.D./Ph.D. Physician Scientist program is highly competitive, and selection is based on academic achievement and potential for a career in research. Requirements for completion of the Ph.D. portion of the combined degree are the same as for the traditional Ph.D. and include a comprehensive exam and defense of a written dissertation based on original research. Certain Ph.D. course requirements can be fulfilled by academic credit earned in the M.D. portion of the program. Completion of the combined degree program generally requires seven years.

Last modified: Aug 26, 2011