Current Graduate Students & Fellows

Graduate Students





  Shishen Du
B.S., Wuhan Univ., China, 2007
Lutkenhaus Regulation of E. coli cell division by the nucleoid occlusion protein SlmA

Kristina Bridges
B.S., College of the Ozarks, 2004

Zückert Lipoprotein transport pathways in the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi
Xiaofei Gao
B.S., Nanjing Agricultural Univ., 2003
Hardwidge Host-microbe interactions
M. Shanoor Hossain
M.S., Univ. of Dhaka
Biswas Production, regulation, characterization, mode of action and immunity of non-lantibiotic mutacin
Rachel Olsen Kellyann Jones
B.S., Duke Univ., 2007
Weinman Modulation of autophagy mechanisms by Hepatitis C virus infection
Image of Julie Mitchell Julie Mitchell Yankee
  Yong Luo
B.S., Anhui Univ., China, 2005
Qiu Viral infection-induced host cellular responses such as apoptosis and DNA damage
Picture of Rachel Olsen Rachel Olsen
B.A. Biol. Sciences, Monmouth Coll., 2001
Hardwidge Function and pathogenic role of E. coli effector proteins
  Kyoung-Tae Park
M.S., Univ. of Texas Medical Branch, 2004
Lutkenhaus Interaction of MinD with MinC and MinE during cell division of E. coli
Rimmer Mary Ashley Rimmer
B.A., Univ. of Mississippi, 2008
Mir Regulation of Hantavirus cellular gene expression by nucleocapsid protein
Alex Dowdell Zückert Transport and structure-function of Borrelia lipoproteins
Xixu Cai
B.S., Beijing Normal Univ., 2007
Mushegian Bioinformatic methods to investigate bacterial secretion systems


Postdoctoral Fellows





Shiyong Chen
Ph.D., Chinese Acad. of Science, 2003
Zückert Borrelia burgdorferi cell envelope biogenesis & pathogenesis
  Young Bin Hong
Ph.D., Seoul Natl. Univ., Korea, 2002
Kim Meningitis caused by bacteria and fungi

Absarul Haque
Ph.D., J.N.U., 2009

Mir Investigating the role of Hantavirus nucleocapsid protein (N) during translation initiation

Abdul Haseeb
Ph.D., National Institute fo Nutrition, Hyderabad, India, 2008

Mir Transcription and replication strategies of Hantaviruses
 Image of Ashraf Hassaballa

Ashraf Hassaballa
Ph.D., Creighton Univ., 2006


Yankee Investigate the role of the adapter protein Gads in T cell receptor signaling and in thymic positive and negative selection
  Qinfeng Huang
Ph.D, Huazong Agricultural Univ., China, 2009
Qiu Expression of Parvovirus
Islam Hussein
Ph.D., Cambridge Univ., 2007
Mir The interactions between Hantavirus nucleocapsid and host cells and the role of Hantavirus glycoproteins in packaging and assembly of virus particles
Saswat Mohapatra
Ph.D., Inst. of Life Sciences, Utkal Univ., India, 2010
Biswas Gene regulation and pathogenesis of Streptococcus mutans
Xiaogang Wang
Ph.D., Inst. of Applied Ecology, Chinese Acad. of Science, 2009
Hardwidge Molecular pathogenesis of E. coli and bacterial toxins

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