MICR855 Syllabus

MICR855 Host-Pathogen Interactions Fall 2013


Coordinator: Kee Jun Kim

Office: 3011 Hixon/4009 Orr-Major

Phone #: 588-7043/588-7293



A. Course Goals:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of host-pathogen interactions, with an emphasis on pathogen adhesion, invasion and intracellular survival, cell death pathways, and innate immunity.
  2. Discuss the latest trends in host-pathogen interactions through paper discussion.
  3. Provide graduate students opportunity to improve their communication skills.
  4. Promote the scientific reasoning capabilities of graduate students.


B. Schedule of Sessions*

     Every Monday for 3 hours (9 AM - noon).

     Each topic is consisting of (1) Introduction and Lecture, and (2) Advanced Discussion.

     Each registered graduate student will present and discuss scientific papers from scientific journals (2009-present) of high-impact from the field of host-pathogen interactions.


Week 1: Introduction and planning

Week 2 - 7: Virulence Factors and Pathogen Adhesion/Invasion

      Virulence factors and Methodology

      Bacterial Pathogens

      Fungal Pathogens

      Viral Pathogens

Week 8 - 10: Intracellular Survival and host cell modulation

      Intracellular survival

      Intracellular replication


Week 11 - 13: Pathogen and Immunity

      Cell death pathway and infection

      Host Innate Immunity


*Course schedule can be modified to take advantage of KUMC seminars on course-related topics.


C. Method of evaluation: Presentation and Participation. In addition, each registered graduate student will be asked to submit three pre-questions before discussion of selected scientific papers.

Submission of pre-questions: 25%

Presentation and Participation in paper discussion: 75%

Grading Scale:            86-100%=A    71-85%=B      61-70%=C      51-60%=D      50 or below=F


D. Recommended textbooks

There is no textbook for this course.

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