MICR830 Syllabus

Seminar in Microbiology (MICR 830)


1 credit

A. Course Objectives: This course trains graduate students in communication, scientific reasoning, and data analysis skills. Graduate students gain familiarity with recent trends in biomedical science research by selecting a scientific article from a recent (i.e. 2011-present) journal of high impact for oral presentation (refer to Table 1 for primary journals). One suggested source for identifying high-impact publications is the Faculty of 1000 (f1000.com).

Primary journals for selection:
Current Biology
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Journal of Immunology
Journal of Infectious Diseases
Molecular Microbiology
Nature (entire family of journals)
PLoS Biology
PLoS Pathogens

The student is required to email the article to the instructor > 10 days before the presentation for approval.

The student will prepare a Powerpoint/Keynote file for oral presentation and group discussion of the article. The article presentation will be 30-40 minutes in duration. Questions and discussion (5-10 minutes) will follow the presentation.

The student will work with the instructor, at their discretion, to
a. organize the presentation;
b. clarify scientific points about which they are unclear;
c. review their slides and anticipate audience questions.

Students are encouraged to contact the instructor if they would like help with Photoshop/Illustrator, statistics, or PubMed notification services.

Students will receive a post-presentation evaluation by attending faculty*, based on the criteria listed in the attached evaluation form.

*Members of the student's pre-comp/research committee are encouraged to attend. Enrolled students are required to attend all seminars. Other students are encouraged to attend.

Students have the option of replacing the last (i.e. generally 4th) required literature seminar with a presentation of their own research work. The scope should be similar to a literature seminar, i.e. include sufficient background information and a final discussion of the data.

B. Schedule: To be determined, based upon enrollment and availability of faculty. Tue (Thu only if needed), 11:00-11:50 am; 1025 Orr-Major.

C. Evaluation: 80 % seminar presentation. 20 % attendance/classroom participation.

D. Course Director: Sebastien Pichoff. Office: 3018 Wahl Hall West; Phone: 8-7399; E-mail: spichoff@kumc.edu

E. Requirements: No other materials are required. There are no prerequisites. 

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