MICR801 Syllabus

Principles of Immunology (MICR 801) -  Fall, 2013

A.         Course objectives:

 1.              To apply an understanding of the cellular and molecular basis for an immune response to a variety of biomedical research problems

2.              To understand the nature of immune cell differentiation and activation by foreign antigens or patterns and the mechanisms of immune effector functions

3.              To be able to identify immune-based diseases and the general pathogenesis of prototype immunological diseases

4.              To appreciate experimental approaches to studying basic and applied immunology and the health-related contexts of the immune system


B.         Schedule of Sessions

9:00 - 10:30 AM, Tuesdays and Thursdays, except where noted below

Room 1007 Orr-Major

We follow the principles of the flipped classroom in this course.  Please read the recommended material prior to class.


Day, Date



Kuby Text *


Tues, Aug 27


Immune system overview

Ch 1,2


Thurs, Aug 29


Innate immunity and inflammation

Ch 3


Tues, Sept 3


Antigen recognition

Ch 4,5,6


Thurs, Sept 5


T cells, MHC and immune repertoires

Ch 8,9


Tues, Sept 10, 10:30 AM


Lymphocyte development and activation

Ch 10,11,12


Thurs, Sept 12


Immune effector mechanisms

Ch 7,13,14


Tues, Sept 17


Immune tissue injury

Ch 15


Wed, Sept 19 


Immune tolerance and autoimmunity

Ch 16


Thurs, Sept 24


Transplantation immunology

Ch 17


Tues, Sept 26


Immune responses to microbes

Ch 18,19 


Tues, Oct 1


Experimental applications

Ch 22


Mon, Oct 7, 5 PM


Final written assignment due


* You should occasionally consult chapter 22 for experimental approaches that might be applicable to your readings.


C.              Evaluation

                  30% classroom participation/assignments/readiness quizzes

                  30% mid-course written assignment

                  40% final written assignment

                  Grading Scale:                     86 - 100% = A                       71 - 85% = B                          70 or below = C





D.        Instructor            


                  Michael Parmely                                                                    

                  3003 Hixon, mparmely@kumc.edu                                            

                  Tel: 8-7053         


E.         Required textbook

Kindt TJ, RA Goldsby, BA Osborne, Kuby Immunology, 6th edition, WH Freeman, New York, 2007


F.         Classroom sessions


We will not have formal lectures (unless you students want to give them).  Rather, I would ask that you simply prepare a list of 5-6 overarching principles that you derived from the readings assigned for that day.  For example, after reading the first chapter, you might find that a definition of immunity would be a good general principle.


I will also provide you with a list of discussion points prior to each class meeting, so that you can begin to consider the significance of your readings as you are going through them.  When we meet, we will go through these points, answer questions you might have and consider some of the ways in which immunologists experimentally study the material addressed by the readings.


You should always be prepared for a "readiness quiz," an exercise that may count towards your grade that tests your preparation for discussing the material assigned that day. 


G.             Angel Learning Site


A site for the course will be established on Blackboard.  Once you have been registered as a student for this site, you will be able to find general class announcements and materials.  You will also be dropping assignments in a drop box on Blackboard as these become due.  


H.             Our First Meeting


As you may have noticed by the schedule, you have a reading assignment for our first meeting, which is already posted on the Blackboard course site.  This includes relevant discussion points we will review during this session.  Call or drop me an email if you cannot access the material on Blackboard.

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