Graduate Studies in Microbiology Overview


The graduate program is primarily for students seeking the Ph.D. degree or combined M.D./Ph.D. degree. Students carry out research in a specific area of Microbiology and are prepared for research careers in academic or industrial settings. Degree requirements include successful completion of course work and submission and defense of a dissertation based on original research carried out under the supervision of a department faculty member.

Core Program Competencies

Upon graduation, a student with a Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology will be able to:

Demonstrate a broad knowledge of bacteriology, virology, immunology and infectious diseases and an in-depth understanding of a sub-discipline of these fields.

Analyze scientific information from various sources by comparing, integrating, evaluating and interpreting published findings.

Develop, design and conduct original research that solves important problems by:

Using the knowledge and information of a scientific field to formulate a research proposal that addresses previously unidentified questions.
Challenging existing scientific paradigms by critiquing existing literature and formulating novel testable hypotheses.
Creating new scientific perspectives through designing, planning and conducting experiments and interpreting research findings.
Developing a context for interpreting and understanding the significance of original research findings.

Communicate scientific information in written and oral form to academic, professional and public audiences.

Teach and mentor other learners the principles, experimental strategies and technical approaches to scientific investigation in a chosen research field.

Analyze the risks of conducting research and how to mitigate and manage those risks.

Function collaboratively, responsibly and ethically within complex organizations that include diverse communities and cultures as well as a range of scientific and nonscientific professions.

Financial Aid

During the first year of study students are supported by a Teaching Assistantship. In subsequent years of study students are supported by continuation of Teaching Assistantships or by Research Fellowships. Students receiving assistantships are paid $24,000 per year (as of July 2008) and receive a tuition waiver. Dedicated funding for M.D./Ph.D. students provides financial support during the medical and graduate phases of study.


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