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Liver Toxicology, Metabolism & Bile Acid Homeostasis

Understanding the interactions of drugs and xenobiotics with the liver has been a major focus of research at the University of Kansas for more than 20 years. Through a close partnership between the School of Medicine and the School of Pharmacy, KU has developed one of the premier University-based drug development centers in the United States. Liver Center investigators from both KUMC in Kansas City and KU in Lawrence collaborate on projects involving hepatic drug metabolism, liver toxicology and hepatoprotection, bile acid and organic ion transport, nuclear receptor control of hepatic function, and liver metabolomics.

Bruno Hagenbuch, PhD
Organic Anion Transport, Bile Acid Transport, Transport Physiology, Hepatic Drug Clearance

Gregory Reed, PhD

Xenobiotic metabolism, drug disposition in humans, drug-drug and drug-diet interactions, pharmacokinetics, inter- and intra-individual variability in pharmacokinetics

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018