Hepatology Clinic

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The University of Kansas Medical Center has an active group of MD-Hepatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and clinic coordinators who work to provide seamless, state-of-the-art care for patients with liver disease. Some of the diseases treated in the clinic include: autoimmune hepatitis, liver cancer, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, Gilbert's syndrome, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Laennec's cirrhosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, sarcoidosis, Wilson's disease.Outpatient numbers have grown to average 66 referrals per month.

When appropriate, consultations with other team members including surgeons, radiologists and pathologists as well as other disciplines are available for the integrated complete care of our patients.

More information about liver disease can be found on the University of Kansas Hospital web site.

Hepatology Team

Hepatology Clinicians

Winston Dunn, MD

Richard Gilroy, MD

Jody Olson, MD

Mojtaba Olyaee, MD

Ryan  Taylor, MD

Nancy Todd, RN, APRN

Melissa Laycock, RN, APRN

Steven Weinman, MD, PhD


Nurse Manager

Chris Young, RN MSN


Liver Treatment Center Nurses
Adrienne Adams RN, BSN

Sasha Klauk, RN BSN

Janet Sherman, RN, BSN

Sherrie Thurman, RN, BSN

Melissa Whitener, RN BSN


To schedule an appointment, call 913-588-3294.


Last modified: Oct 30, 2013