Mini Symposium    March 5, 2015    1001/1003 Beller

Novel Approaches in the Study of Liver Disease

Visiting Scientist Seminars 1001/1003 Beller

September 17, 2015  Neil Kaplowitz, MD Keck School of Medicine, University of California

Interplay of Signal Transduction and Mitochondria in Liver Injury: A SAB Story

April 14, 2016 Mark A. McNiven, PhD. Mayo Clinic for Biomedical Discovery

Membrane-Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Tumor Cell Biology

Research In Progress 4070 Hemenway Conf Room

August 13, 2015  Yuan Li, Graduate Student

The Role of Adiopocyte Autophagy in Regulation of Alcoholic Liver Disease

August 20, 2015     Ann Wozniak, PhD. Sr Scientist 

HCV infection generates a novel Rab7 binding Protein that Promotes Outward Trafficking

October 29, 2015     Yifeng Wang, Graduate Student, Tiangang Li's lab

     Targeting the Enterohepatic Bile Acid Signaling to Modulate Hepatic Autophagy in Obese Mice

November 5, 2015     Michele Pritchard, PhD

        Hyaluronic Acid: From Matrix to Signaling Molecule

November 19, 2015     Ryan Funk, PharmD, PhD

Biomarkers of Methotrexate Efficacy and Toxicity in Juvenille Idiopathic Arthritis

January 21, 2016 Severin Gudima, PhD.  

Characterization of Viral RNAs Coding for the Envelope Proteins in Liver Tissues Harvested from Individuals Chronically Infected with Hepatitis B Virus.

 February 23, 2016 Winston Dunn, MD

Factors Responsible for Liver Recovery After Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C and NASH

 March 3, 2016  Michele Pritchard, PhD

Role of Mast Cells in Cyst Growth and Fibrosis in Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney/Liver Disease

April 7, 2016  Michele Pritchard, PhD

April 21, 2016 Jennifer McCracken, Graduate Student, Pritchard Lab

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