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About the Liver Center

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the liver center is to be a multidisciplinary intellectual focus for liver researchers at KUMC by bringing the Basic Science, Translational Science, Clinical Research, Pathology, Radiology, Clinical Hepatology, and Surgery communities together.  The liver center is a research center and its focus is on research. It aims to collaborate closely with the clinical care components of the Liver community at KU, the Liver Treatment Center and the Center for Transplantation in a mutually supportive relationship that will allow both clinical and research aspects of the liver enterprise to reach their full potential. This will create a positive momentum, making it easier to recruit high quality scientists and clinicians to our liver program and establishing KU as one of the premier centers for liver care and liver related research in the US.

Goals of The Liver Center

  • To create a stimulating scientific environment
  • To facilitate collaborative research
  • To help develop and maintain unique core resources relevant to the liver research community
  • To specifically help organize and support collaborative level grant applications such as program project and center grants.


Brief history of liver research at the University of Kansas Medical Center.


How to acknowledge us:

"The specimens used in this study were derived from samples collected and provided by the KU Liver Center Tissue Bank. The project [study] is sponsored by the Liver Center at KUMC"
Please send a copy of your accepted publicaiton to:

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018