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LCME Accreditation

At the University of Kansas Medical Center, the most important thing we do is educate the next generation of health care providers. This work is an honor and a privilege, and it comes with enormous responsibilities. That’s why accrediting bodies regularly visit our campus to make sure our educational programs meet the high standards that our graduates will need to become licensed in their fields.

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) is the accrediting body for medical education programs in the United States and Canada. The usual period of accreditation is eight years. The M.D. program at the University of Kansas received an eight-year accreditation from the LCME in 2014. The accreditors, who visited the school's three campuses in Kansas City, Wichita and Salina in October 2013, cited the school for two areas of non-compliance and said the school must demonstrate progress in six other areas by August 1, 2015.

"Overall, this is a very good report. We're especially proud of two strengths the LCME noted," said Douglas Girod, M.D., Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of Kansas Medical Center and Interim Executive Dean of the School of Medicine. "First, they commended our innovative educational programs to address the state's needs for rural physicians, and second, they noted our robust faculty professional development efforts."

Girod said the school will work to resolve the issues for which it was cited: a lack of diversity on the faculty and a lack of call rooms and dedicated storage facilities for medical students at The University of Kansas Hospital. He said school officials had anticipated the diversity citation. "We need to increase diversity and inclusion in all areas, which is why it's an ultimate goal of our strategic plan," he said.

Their report is posted here.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018