What is I-KAN

What is I-KAN?

I-KAN is a Research Study funded by the NIH (National Institutes of Health, grant # 1R34DK089444 - 01A1). During the study patients attend four classes over the Internet to learn how to use insulin. We are trying to find new ways to make health care more accessible to people living in rural areas.

What it means to join the I-KAN Study:

·   Attend 4 "live" online class sessions  (each one hour long) scheduled at your convenience during the first month of the study

·   Meet other people in your class sessions who are considering or newly starting insulin, with the option to remain anonymous

·   Classes are free of charge, and as compensation for your time you can earn a total of $150 for completing the study

·   Keep a daily logbook for the 6 months you're in the study

·   Complete online surveys about your attitude towards insulin, your quality of life, and your treatment satisfaction

·   Check your A1c 3 times using a mail-in kit we provide

·   If you want, participate in a focus group at the end of the study

·   Continue your diabetes medical care with your current provider

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Last modified: Oct 29, 2013
Contact Info

David C. Robbins, MD
Principal Investigator
(913) 588-0277

Ann Walker, MS, RD, LD
Study Coordinator, Class Instructor
(913) 588-6053

Virginia Lewis, MA
(913) 588-2097