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Research Overview

The KU Diabetes Institute supports the fundamental role of basic research, data collection, and outcomes research in order to improve the lives of people with diabetes. The KU scientists and clinicians work to discover the intricacies of islet biology, provide new interventions to halt the progression of the disease and its complications, and inspire healthy behaviors.

Diabetes Institute research attempts to integrate fully both the needs and resources of the region through interdisciplinary endeavors serving the ultimate goal of improving the life of those who struggle with the disease. 


Study Design Graphic

This figure illustrates the layers of team members working together toward fulfillment of a research project.  For example, a basic science question might be represented by the relationship between fat cell (adipocyte) signaling and the initiation of diabetes.  The person with diabetes would ultimately benefit from the discovery of a drug compound that would block the aberrant cell signaling.  Prior to initiation of the research study, however, a team of researchers representing all components above would work together to design it in a manner that would streamline the process at each critical juncture and speed the drug to the person with diabetes.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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