Epigenetics Core Overview

The goal of the Epigenetic Core for PKD is to facilitate PKD researchers efforts to understand  mechanisms through which transcriptional and epigenetic regulation occur during normal differentiation and how these processes are disrupted in PKD, and to use this information to develop specific and potent therapeutic strategies. Our services are provided to internal and external researchers.

Contact information

  • Core Director:  Xiaogang Li, PhD, Phone: 913-588-2731, Email: xli3@kumc.edu
  • Core Co-Director: Ken Peterson, PhD, Phone:913-588-6907, Email: kpeterson@kumc.edu
  • Core Manager: Julie Zhou, PhD, Phone: 913-945-8546, Email: xzhou4@kumc.edu

From left to right: Dr. Jackie Peda, Dr. Julie Zhou, Dr. Xiaogang Li - Core PI, and Dr. Linda (Xiaoyan) Li

Last modified: Oct 15, 2015