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Clinical Research Core

Overview of Core

Core Director:
Alan Yu, M.B., B.Chir.
Tel. 913.588.9252
For Patients:

· Active PKD Trials
·PKD Research Participant Registry: Contact Zhou Tang,  Tel. 913-588-3985 

PKD is a "therapy-ripe" disease and the number of potential targets for drug therapy increases at a phenomenal rate. Academic investigators can play a major role in translational research by critically evaluating potential targets and drugs and bringing promising candidates to early phase clinical trials. Thus, the goal of this core is to develop a formal infrastructure to support continued growth in PKD clinical trial activity, to develop innovative tools to facilitate clinical research (including trial recruitment, biomarker monitoring, and outcomes research), to facilitate investigator-initiated trials and to provide a pathway for investigators to expedite the translation of novel or repurposed drug candidates to clinical trials. This will be achieved through the provision of consultative advice on drug development, a patient registry network for clinical trials recruitment, resources and services for conducting clinical trials, and a searchable integrated clinical data repository for observational research.

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This Core is supported by an NIH/NIDDK PKD Research and Translation Core Center grant. Please cite grant number U54DK126126
for services or resources provided by the Core.

Last modified: Dec 08, 2020