Sullivan Conference

Sullivan Conference Formal Seminar Series

The Sullivan Conference Formal Seminar Series was started in 1967 by Dr. Lawrence Sullivan, Professor Emeritus of Physiology, as an informal renal journal club to provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows a venue to present research papers. This weekly meeting has evolved into an interdisciplinary research conference attended by faculty, students and fellows from Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Nephrology and Pediatric departments.

Today, it is the foremost conference of the Kidney Institute and is intended to showcase the state-of-the-art clinical and basic science advances in nephrology. Attendance is expected by all clinical and research faculty, fellows, residents and students on service. The speakers include invited national and international visiting professors, and division and Kidney Institute faculty. In addition, each fellow is expected to present one conference yearly under the guidance of a faculty-mentor. 

Conferences are held in the Jared Grantham Conference Room, 6016 Wahl Hall East, Friday, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Date Speaker Title
August 14, 2015 James Chon, MD Isotope Dilution Techniques for the Study of Lipid Metabolism
August 21, 2015 Madhulika Sharma, PhD Novel Proteins in Polycystic Kidney Disease: CA095 and Notch
August 28, 2015
Sept 4, 2015 Reena Rao, PhD
Sept 11, 2015 Matthew Breyer, MD
Sept 18, 2015

Darren Wallace, PhD

Cyst formation in Polycystic Kidney Disease involves a Futile repair mechanism: the role of periostin

Sept 25, 2015

 Mark Sarnak, MD (Tufts Medical Center)

Cognitive Impairment in Dialysis Patients: Relationship to Vascular Disease
October 2, 2015

 Ahmad Tuffaha, MD

October 9, 2015

 Aditi Gupta, MD

October 16, 2015

Laurent Meijers, PhD


Last modified: Sep 24, 2015