Conferences & Seminars

Sullivan Conference Formal Seminar Series, 2013

Dec. 20: Jinxi Wang, MD, PhD, Professor, Institute for Reproductive Health and Regenerative Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Kansas Medical Center
"Bone Sialoprotein in Bone Formation and Mineralization"

Dec. 13: Scott Weir, PharmD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics; Director, Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation, University of Kansas Medical Center
"Overview of Drug Development at KUMC/KU"

Nov. 22: Hartmut H. Malluche, MD, FACP, Robert G. "Robin" Luke Chair in Nephrology, Professor and Chief; Division of Nephrology, Bone & Mineral Metabolism, University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center
"CKD-MBD: An Ongoing Challenge to the Nephrologist"

Nov. 15: Peter Friedman, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Academics; School of MedicineDept. of Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh
"Stuck in a Rut. NHERF1 Mutations Alter PTH Receptor Signaling in Kidney and Bone"

Nov. 12: RJ Unwin, PhD, FRCP Professor of Nephrology and Physiology; Saint Peter's Chair in Nephrology, University College London Medical School
"Phosphate Homeostasis and the Renal-Gastrointestinal Axis"

Nov. 1: Anuradha Roy, PhD, Director; High Throughput Screening Facility
"Method Optimization, Validation & Large Compound Screens, Confirming Hits"

Oct. 18: Madhulika Sharma, PhD, Assistant Professor; KUMC
"Notch Signaling and Chronic Kidney Disease"

Oct. 11: Ravi Ishwar Thadhani, MD, MPH, Chief; Division of Nephrology, Massachusetts General Hospital
"Vitamin D Deficiency: A True or Pseudo-pandemic?"

Oct. 4: John Cijiang He, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine/Nephorology, Professor of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics; Mount Sinai School of Medicine
"Role of HIPK2 in Kidney Fibrosis"

Sept. 27: Gerald Appel, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine; Columbia University
"What Have We Learned About the Tretment of Lupus Nephritis?"

Sept. 20: David Wilson, PhD, Director; Laboratory for Early Stage Translational Research
"Target Identification-Validation-Early Assay Development"

Sept. 13: Xiaogang Li, PhD, Associate Professor; KUMC
"The Novel Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Targets of ADPKD"

Sept. 6: Brooke Fridley, PhD, Associate Professor; KUMC
"RNA-Seq Study Design and Analysis"

Aug. 28: Vishal Patel, MD, Assistant Professor; UT Southwestern Medical Center
"MicroRNAs: New Regulators of Disease Progression in Polycystic Kidney Disease"

Aug. 23: Michael J. Wacker, PhD; University of Missouri - Kansas City
"Effects of Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 on the Cardiovascular System - A Link Between CVD and CKD?"

Aug. 16: Damon Jacobs, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow; KUMC
"Loss of ciliary gene, THM1, causes hyperphagia-induced obesity"

Aug. 9: Theresa Shireman, PhD, RPh, Professor; Preventitive Medicine and Public Health, KUMC
"Are Cardioprotective Medications Used Effectively in ESRD Patients on Dialysis?"

Aug. 5: Rachel Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Shaping Tubules the Non-canonical Way: Assesing the Role of Wnt Signaling and Cilia in Xenopus Kidney Formation"

July 26: Oleh Pochynyuk, PhD, Assistant Professor; The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
"Role of Mechanosensitive TRPV4 Channel in ARPKD"

July 19: Russ Waitman, PhD, Director of Medical Informatics, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Analytics
"KUMC Biomedical Informatics Resources For Your Research: A Focus On HERON"

June 28:  Aditi Gupta, MD, Assistant Professor; Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension, KUMC 
"Cognitve Impairment in CKD"

June 21: Kottarappat Dileepan, PhD, Professor; Adult Allergy/Clinical Immunology/Rheumatology, KUMC 
"The H1R-TLR2/TLR4-COX2 Axis in Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: A Toll Road from Cell to Mouse to Human"

June 14: Munis Mattu, MBBS; Nephrology Fellow, KUMC 
"Cardiorenal Syndrome"

June 7:  Ellen McCarthy, MD, Associate Professor; Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension, KUMC & Virginia Savin, MD, VA Medical Center
"Concepts and Controversies in Glomerular Disease"

May 31: Dina Corbin, MD; Nephrology Fellow, KUMC 
"What's New in the Treatment of AKI?"

May 24: Ronnie Moussa, MD; Nephrology Fellow, KUMC 
"AKI Recovery, Not So Benign After All"

May 17: Kaleem Aslam, MBBS, Nephrology Fellow, KUMC 
"Diuretics or Ultrafiltration for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure and Cardiorenal Syndrome?"

May 10: Bruce Kaplan, MD, Kathy and Harry Jentsch Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacology; University of Arizona College of Medicine 
"Why Do Transplant Kidneys Fail"

May 3: Bassam Shakil, MD; Nephrology Fellow, KUMC
"Obesity and CKD"

April 26: Ahmad Tuffaha, MD, Assistant Professor;Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension, KUMC 
"Fabry Disease, Do We Know Enough About It?"

April 19: Jay Vivian, PhD, Assistant Professor; Institute of Reproductive Health & Regenerative Medicine, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, KUMC
"Overview of Transgenic Facility - New Directions and Technologies"
(hosted by Dr. Jason Stubbs)

April 12: Franz Winklhofer, MD, Associate Professor/Fellowship Director;Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension,  KUMC
"Clinical Topics in PKD Management: Cyst Infection and Chronic Pain"

April 5: Sri Yarlagadda, MD, Assistant Professor; Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension, KUMC 
"Renal Denervation for Treatment of Hypertension"

March 29: Thomas Alderson, MD; Nephrology Fellow, KUMC
"New Therapies for Diabetic Nephropathy"

March 22: Myles Wolf, MD, MMSc, Endowed Chair - Assistant Dean; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
"FGF23 in CKD"
(hosted by Dr. Jason Stubbs)

March 15: Christopher J. Ward, MB, BChir, PhD, Associate Professor; College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic
"Proteomic Analysis of Urinary Exosomes in PKD1 Individuals and Controls "FGF23 in CKD"
(hosted by Dr. Stephen Parnell)

March 8: Michal Mrug, MD, Assistant Professor; University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Complement C3 Effects in PKD Pathobiology"
(hosted by Dr. Alan Yu)

March 1: Pamela Tran, PhD, Assistant Professor; Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, The Kidney Institute, KUMC  
"Primary Cilia and Hedgehog Signaling in Cystic Kidney Disease and Obesity"

Feb. 15: James Wetmore, MD, Associate Professor; KUMC Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension
"Stroke in Dialysis Patients: Geographic Variation and Contribution to Mortality"

Feb 8: Ying Maggie Chen, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor; Washington University School of Medicine
"Laminin B2 Mutations and Molecular Mechanism of Nephrotic Syndrome"
(hosted by Dr. Alan Yu and Dr. Dale Abrahamson)

Feb. 1: Reena Rao, PhD; Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension, KUMC
"Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Inactivation Effectively Reduces Cystogenesis in Assistant Professor Polycystic Kidney Disease"

Jan. 25: Richard Johnson, MD, FACP, Professor, Chief - Division of Renal Diseases & Hypertension, University of Colorado Denver
"On the Origin of Obesity and Diabetes and the Fattening of Man"
(hosted by Dr. Alan Yu)

Jan. 18: Katherine Swenson-Fields, PhD, Research Associate Professor; Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, The Kidney Institute, KUMC
"Macrophages as Progressive Factors in Polycystic Kidney Disease"

Jan. 11: Uri Alon, MD, Professor of Pediatrics; Director of Bone & Mineral Disorders Clinic; Children's Mercy Hospital - Kansas City
"Pediatric Urolithiasis"
(hosted by Dr. Alan Yu)

Jan. 4: Sally Salah, Graduate Student; Anatomy & Cell Biology and The Kidney Institute, KUMC
"Mouse Models of Acute Kidney Injury: Methods and Techniques of I/R, UUO and Graduate Student 5/6 Nephroctomy"

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