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Kidney Institute Fellowship Program

The Nephrology Fellowship program provides comprehensive training in clinical nephrology and in research in areas related to normal physiology and disease of the kidney. Our mission is to train outstanding clinical nephrologists and renal physician-scientists who will become the next generation of leaders in the field of nephrology. Our nephrology fellows and alumni (with position following completion of training at KUMC) are listed below.

Class of 2019
Levi Short (Clinical)
Raphael Torosyan (Research)

Class of 2017
Cassandra Kimber (Research)
Priyesh Patel (Clinical)
Anjushree Kumar (Clinical)
Samir Garcia (Clinical)

Class of 2016
Kerri McGreal (Clinical rotation - 2014; Research - T32 Research Fellowship at the KUMC Kidney Institute)
Eyerusalem Bayssa (Clinical)
Imran Gani (Clinical)
Abhisekh Sinha Ray (Clinical)

Class of 2015
Hameed Ahmad (Clinical)
Nadine Aboul-Magd (Clinical)
Feras Ghosheh (Clinical)

Class of 2014
Bassam Shakil (Clinical) - Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers, Kingman, AZ
Dina Corbin (Clinical) - South West Georgia Nephrology, Albany, GA
Munis Mattu (Clinical) - Kansas City VA Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

Class of 2013
Thomas Alderson (Clinical) - Cotton O'Neill Clinic, Topeka, KS
Ronnie Moussa (Clinical) - Wichita Nephrology Group, Wichita, KS
Kaleem Aslam (Clinical) - Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center, Bullhead, AZ

Last modified: Oct 08, 2018