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JayDoc Free Clinic Board of Directors

JayDoc, at its core, is about people helping people. We rely heavily on area physicians, med students, pre-med students, and community members contributing their time and expertise to make JayDoc a hub of help to Greater Kansas City.

Board of Directors

JayDoc is a volunteer-powered organization. Some of our most dedicated volunteers serve on the JayDoc Board of Directors, providing administrative oversight to JayDoc's day-to-day operations. Board members are listed below. To contact the Board of Directors, send an email to our central account,, and we will route your message to the person best able to respond to your question or idea.

2019-20 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Rachel Jenkins, Megan Kohman, Jackson Knappen
  • Director of Volunteers: Jasmine Hitt
  • Director of Fundraising: Katie Phalen
  • Director of Physician Relations: Christina Hermanns
  • Director of External Social Services: Leah Dionisi
  • Director of Internal Social Services: Lindsay May
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Marc Limpiado 
  • Director of Finance: Eric Aube
  • Director of Information Management: Matt Castinado 
  • Director of Public Relations: Greta Ciccolari-Micaldi
  • Director of Operations: Jackson Knappen 
  • Director of Research and Education: Rachel Jenkins 

2018-19 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Maggie Meyer, Austin Petz, Connor Hosty
  • Director of Volunteers: Ian Harmon
  • Director of Fundraising: Melissa Cullom
  • Director of Physician Relations: Collin Connor
  • Co-Directors of Social Services: Tate Gilchrist, Abby Allman
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Julia Emberson
  • Director of Finance: Brian Harrison
  • Director of Information Management: Jim Barnett
  • Director of Public Relations: Lauren Sinik
  • Director of Operations: Austin Petz
  • Director of Research and Education: Maggie Meyer

2017-18 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Kaitlyn Carl, Kyle Crooker, Anna Pavelonis
  • Director of Volunteers: Rachel Schmidt
  • Director of Fundraising: Rana Aliani
  • Director of Physician Relations: Elliot Brady
  • Co-Directors of Social Services: Zachary Bean and Lexy Cockrell 
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Daniel Ortiz
  • Director of Finance: Claire Smith
  • Director of Information Management: Dan Vu
  • Director of Public Relations: Lauren Ridgway
  • Director of Operations: Anna Pavelonis
  • Director of Research and Education: Kaitlyn Carl

2016-17 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Harpreet Singh, Ally Briggs, Jacquelyn Wagner
  • Director of Volunteers: Ally Briggs
  • Director of Fundraising: Laurel Gardner
  • Director of Physician Relations: Matt De Ruyter
  • Director of Social Services: Noria McCarther
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Ojas Patel
  • Director of Finance: Peter Chow
  • Director of Information Management: Taylor Drees
  • Director of Public Relations: Alaina Shine
  • Director of Operations: Jacquelyn Wagner
  • Director of Research and Education: Harpreet Singh

2015-16 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Hailey Baker, Maddy Breeden, Adam McCann
  • Director of Volunteers: Bonnie McKee
  • Director of Fundraising: Jeanette LaFreniere
  • Director of Physician Relations: Marc Heronemus
  • Director of Social Services: Nikki Boggess
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Levi Keller
  • Director of Finance: Josh Breeden
  • Director of Information Management: Manuel Brockman
  • Director of Public Relations: Liz Studer
  • Director of Operations: Adam McCann
  • Director of Research and Education: Maddy Breeden

2014-15 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Erin Atwood, Samantha King, Megan Watson
  • Director of Volunteers: Rohini Chakravarthy
  • Director of Fundraising: Whitney Sutton
  • Director of Physician Relations: Margaret Wilkes
  • Director of Social Services: Errin Mitchell
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Priya Bhakta
  • Director of Finance: Melissa McKittrick
  • Director of Information Management: Madeline Crawford
  • Director of Public Relations: Whitney Kleinmann
  • Director of Operations: Erin Atwood
  • Director of Research and Education: Samantha King

2013-14 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Michael Parker, Michael Sorensen, Kelsey Witherspoon
  • Director of Volunteers: Charlie Ogdon
  • Director of Fundraising: Dustin Silverman
  • Director of Physicians: Michael Glass
  • Director of Social Services and Community Outreach: Adrianne Eyman
  • Director of Laboratory Services: David Hollenbeck
  • Director of Finance: Lynn Fullenkamp
  • Director of Information Management: Jejo Mathew
  • Director of Public Relations: Travis Haneke
  • Director of Operations: Mike Sorensen
  • Director of Research and Education: Lynn Fullenkamp

2012-13 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Marc Roth, Jennifer Strande, Michael Tetwiler
  • Director of Volunteers: Danny Rhoades
  • Director of Fundraising: Keegan Zuk
  • Director of Physicians: Sarah Dickes
  • Director of Social Services and Community Outreach: Ben Quick
  • Director of Research and Education: Lynn Fullenkamp
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Taylor Kinney
  • Director of Finance: Christine Cook
  • Director of Information Management: Rachel Quaney
  • Director of Operations: Mike Sorensen

2011-12 Board of Directors

  • Executive Directors: Ashwin Ananth, Martha Schneider, Hannah Zwibelman
  • Director of Volunteers: Ben Hornung
  • Director of Fundraising: Brent Bjornsen
  • Director of Physicians: Liz Musil
  • Director of Social Services and Community Outreach: Veronica Mosier
  • Director of Research and Education: Christine Feeley Cook
  • Director of Laboratory Services: Patrick Prathuangsuk
  • Director of Finance: Sammy Ornelas
  • Director of Information Management: Danny Miller
  • Director of Operations: Jennifer Strande

Last modified: Apr 03, 2019
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