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Imaging Core

We have consolidated imaging systems on HLSIC 3 that are available to all as of January 10, 2012. Dr. David Albertini will oversee training and access to this equipment and will conduct a series of workshops beginning in February (stay tuned for dates and topics to be covered). A brief description of the equipment and location are provided below and all queries should be directed to Dr. Albertini (  Please take advantage of the imaging resources made available to you through the support and participation of the IRHRM.

Location:  HLSIC 3062

Leica Stereo scope with Q Imaging cooled CCD, Mac based capture and processing software



Leica DM1 4000B inverted microscope with Prime Tech piezo drill and a DFC FX high res digital camera



Zeiss Axiovert 200M with complete DIC and fluorescence optics (Dapi, FITC, Texas Red,, Cy5/CFP,YFP, DS Red motorized filter wheel), Hamamatsu ORCA ER cooled CCD, driven by MetaMorph software for capture and analysis of fixed and live cell preparations.


Location:  HLSIC 3008 (Paul Lab)

Nikon SM2/500 Stereo Zoom microscope equipped with MetaMorph software


Nikon Eclipse TE 2000-S inverted microscope with Hoffman Modulation Contrast Optics, heated stage, and Q Imaging Color Camera and software for time-lapse imaging or color capture of sections


Location: HLSIC 3021 (live cell imaging)

Zeiss Axoivert 200M confocal microscope (LSM Pascal 5) with multiple filter combinations and driven by AIM software; with temperature ,gas, and humidity controlled chamber for live cell imaging; 1 TB internal hard drive for data archiving.



Zeiss AIM and Axiovision workstation (PC based)  (picture unavailable)

BTX Harvard Apparatus ECM 2001 Electro Cell Manipulator for cell fusion, electroporation of cells or tissues.  (picture unavailable)


Last modified: Aug 26, 2018