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Institute for Reproduction and Perinatal Research

The Institute for Reproduction and Perinatal Research (IRPR) seeks to prevent disease and promote health in children and adults by focusing on the earliest stages of life.

A unique blend of clinical, translational and basic science research leaders with wide-ranging expertise, the IRPR brings together research laboratories dedicated to improving health and quality of life through scientific investigation. Our research focuses on fertility and infertility, developmental origins of health and disease, and epigenetics and stem cell biology. Our scientists are outstanding and internationally renowned with expertise ranging from epidemiology to genetics and molecular biology.

The IRPR is organized into two centers with overlapping research interests:

The research efforts of the centers include basic, translational, and clinical research. Furthermore the centers are highly interactive. Programs in faculty development, postdoctoral training, and graduate education are key activities of the Institute and its membership.

Last modified: Aug 26, 2018