Jill Jacobson, M.D.

Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Pediatric Endocrinology/Diabetes

MD, 1985, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL
Postdoctoral, 1985-1987, University of Pennsylvania

I am a pediatric endocrinologist with a longstanding interest in gender differences in expression of disease.  I am the Medical Director of our multidisciplinary clinic for Disorders of Sex Development (DSD), one  of the goals of which  is to increase our diagnosis rate. Currently 62% of our 91 DSD patients have received molecular/biochemical diagnoses, in contrast to the reported 20% diagnosis rate nationwide.    My work in DSD has naturally evolved to clinical expertise in gender dysphoria. We have begun a multidisciplinary clinic entitled Gender Pathways Services (GPS). In seeking biological bases for gender dysphoria and have uncovered high rates of hyperandrogenism, the CAH carrier state, as well as several genetic abnormalities. 

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Jill Jacobson, M.D.
Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City