Scholarly Activity

Categorical residents are required to conduct two scholarly activities during their residency; med/psych residents are required to conduct one scholarly activity during the internal medicine component of residency. There are several options for scholarly activity based on the interest and goals of the resident. Options include (but are not limited to):

  • Oral presentation at a regional or national conference
  • American College of Physicians (ACP) Kansas Chapter meeting held in the fall of each year
  • Regional or national medicine subspecialty or SGIM/SHM conference
  • Regional or national AMA, AMSA, AOA conferences may be other venues
  • Research involvement with:

> Work on a manuscript suitable for publishing
> Work presented at a regional or national conference or Grand Rounds
> Case report manuscript suitable for publishing
> Other activities deemed appropriate by the program directors
> The department encourages work which may lead to multiple scholarly pursuits including presentation at a regional conference and manuscript submission, however requires that the scholarly activities required for completion of the program be related to two different projects.

There are a host of opportunities to fulfill the scholarly activity expectation, and faculty physicians are both supportive and available to assist in this endeavor. As an academic residency training program, faculty are dedicated to preparing the residents for their future roles as lecturers, researchers and collaborating clinicians. The broad purpose of this academic exercise is to develop critical interpretive and communicative skills. On this note if a resident has interest in pursuing presentation at a conference that may require travel, please contact the program directors to discuss whether financial assistance is possible.

In addition to the two scholarly activities required for program completion, each resident is expected to make several presentations within the program during his/her residency to enhance their professional development. These include journal club and morning report, and possibly preparing an end-of-the-rotation presentation (for instance, on the Geriatrics rotation), case presentation at CPC, PSC or ethics conference, or various other short presentations as directed by the attending physician.

Comprehensive scholarly activity completed by residents 2006-present (pdf)

Last modified: Aug 11, 2014