Elective Rotations


  • Onsite Electives - must be submitted three months prior to your specified elective for all on-site (KU, KCVA, LVVA) electives.
  • Offsite/International Electives - must be initiated six months prior to the elective. Applications are submitted to Sonora Thigpen for Dr. Becky Lowry's approval.
    1. Submit completed elective application timely to Sonora Thigpen for Dr. Becky Lowry's approval.  The application may be found on Docphin.
    2. IMChiefs and bobbie fink must be included on your submission. Be aware of necessary paperwork that may need to be completed along with your application (i.e. Human Subject and IRB paperwork for Research Electives or GME and HR approvals for International Electives). 
    3. Faculty Mentor must be identified on application, willing to supervise your elective and responsible for filling out your evaluation. Mentors must send a one-line email to Dr. Lowry via Sonora Thigpen accepting this task.
  • Curriculum: Specific electives rotations have focused goals and objectives; however, all electives are based off of the KU Internal Medicine PGY-Based Universal Curriculum.
  • ITE Performance: Satisfactory performance on the ITE is taken into consideration in elective approval. 
  • Clinic Compliance: It is your responsibility to review and revise your master schedule to ensure that clinic encounters are not interrupted for any longer than four weeks. Residents failing to meet these requirements will be assigned to another rotation.

Specific elective requirements

Patient Care Electives
For these on-site electives, complete the appropriate application:

  • Anesthesia
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
  • Community Ambulatory: This elective does not require a formal application, as the rotation is set up by the General Medicine department, currently by Dr. R. Opole. This elective involves a monthlong experience with a physician in the community in private practice. It is a clinic-based rotation with no hospital duties. The schedule, reading assignments, and any additional clinical experiences are dictated by the ambulatory physician. To participate in this elective, notify IMCHIEFS aand Dr. R. Opole was soon as possible, preferably when you request an elective rotation for the following year. Contact Dr. R. Opole or the chief residents with any questions. Plan on continuing your continuity clinic during your elective; however, conference attendance is optional due to the time constraints of this experience.
  • Other (Please Specify)

Off-site electives (outside of KU, KCVA, LVVA) require affiliation agreements. IM program administration will need six months advance notice to work on these.

Non-Patient Care Electives

Please complete the appropriate application:

  • Research: Statement of hypothesis, methods and planned activities (i.e. data collection (chart reviews, laboratory work), data analysis, abstract preparation, meeting presentation, etc.) Special Approvals - IRB, HSC, HIPPA: These are often initiated by your faculty mentor though may require your assistance. You are responsible for knowing the status of these approvals upon your application. These often take months and if not in place at the time of your elective will make it impossible for your to participate in the research and thus take the elective.
  • Reading
  • Other (please specify)

International Electives

  • Please contact Sonora Thigpen for the most current International Elective Application.
  • GME Application and Approval: Include the GME in the six-month advance request for elective.
  • International Programs Approval - Contact Director of the Office of International Programs at least 6 months in advance of any planned overseas travel as part of a KUMC Residency Program 913-588-1480.

Chief Resident Elective

Scheduled experience required for graduating residents selected as Chief Residents for the upcoming academic year. See rotational curriculum.

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