Vacation and Leave

All PGY levels receive three weeks (15 business days) of vacation per year, which can be taken in one- or two-week blocks at a time. Vacation time does not accumulate year to year.

Sick Leave
All PGY levels receive two weeks (10 business days) of sick leave per year. This does not accumulate year to year. 

Extended Leave

  • Three months of leave without pay for reasons of family or personal illness, serious health conditions, disability, or the birth or adoption of a child.
  • All stipend payments and benefits will be suspended during a leave of absence.
  • Any leave without pay time taken may extend the completion date of your training program. You must use all your vacation and sick leave first before using your extended leave.

Military Leave
Twelve working days per year of military leave with pay for active duty or training purposes.

Last modified: Apr 05, 2013