Current Housestaff

Our residents originate from over 18 different universities, with 53 percent women, and 47 percent men. Despite this diversity and career goals ranging from primary care to academic research, they share one common goal: to become the best physicians possible.

Class of 2014

Ashraf Alhafez, MD Ashraf Alhafez, MD Maykol R Postigo Jasahui, MD
Christopher Avila, MD Lindsey H Prochaska, DO
Jesica R Brown, MD Michael T Rouse, DO
Sonia M Castillo-Vega, MD Arvind Satyanarayan, DO
Hieu M Doan, MD Bradley B Scheu, DO
Kristin K Grdinovac, MD Kinza Shamsi, MD
Michael J Gutierrez, MD Mitch Tener, MD
Ali Hamraz, MD Kellie A Wark, MD
Cassandra A Kimber, DO Andrew S Waters, MD
Jessica N Lee, DO Peniel T Zelalem, MD
Calvin G Madrigal, MD Jessica M Zibert, MD
Adam R Merando, MD    

Class of 2015

Kelsey Able, DO LIM Diego Lim, MD
Luke Amos, MD MUNEEB Muhammad Muneeb, MBBS
Pooja Bhadbhade, DO MUTHINENI Suma Muthineni, MBBS
Maharshi Bhakta, MD PACHOLEC Marie Pacholec, DO
Chris Buckley, DO PAWAR Rahul Pawar, MBBS
Jennifer Capra, DO PENA Paul Pena, MD
Nichole Downing, MD SHAIKH Faizan Shaikh, MBBS
Aimee Eidson, DO STELLMACHER Paul Stellmacher, MD  
Jared Elliott, DO STOLTE Sarah Stolte, MD
Andrew Iliff, MD WOLDEY Tariku Woldey, MD
Gabe Johnson, DO WORK Kyle Work, DO
Anjushree Kumar, MBBS  

Class of 2016


Images/internalmed/residents/Abdelhakim_rs.jpg Haitham M. Abdelhakim, MBChB Images/internalmed/residents/Kendall_rs.jpg Jenny Kendall, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Albakour_rs.jpg Ayman Albakour, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Kenyon_rs.jpg Jake Kenyon, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Allen_rs.jpg Martha Allen, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Masoomi_rs.jpg Reza Masoomi, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Barnthouse_rs.jpg Maggie Barnthouse, MD Images/internalmed/residents/McRae_rs.jpg Jennifer McRae, MD
Charlie Bengtson, MD Charlie Bengtson, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Nutalapati.jpg Venkat Nutalapati, MBBS
Images/internalmed/residents/Boike_rs.jpg Shanley O'Brien, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Reda_rs.jpg Eyad Reda, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Campbell_rs.jpg Donald Campbell, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Riley_rs.jpg Leonard Riley, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Desai_rs.jpg Madhav Desai, MBBS  Images/internalmed/residents/Schnell_rs.jpg Amanda Schnell, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Doyle_rs.jpg Steve Doyle, DO  Images/internalmed/residents/Torosyan_rs.jpg Rafael Torosyan, MD
 Images/internalmed/residents/Bengtson_rs.jpg Brietta Forbes, MD   Brandon Weckbaugh, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Hannah_rs.jpg Josef Hannah, DO  Images/internalmed/residents/Zimmerman_rs.jpg Danielle Zimmerman, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Ifteqar_rs.jpg Sarah Ifteqar, MBBS  
Images/internalmed/residents/Jani_rs.jpg Bhairvi Jani, MBChB    

Internal Medicine Preliminary R-1s

Images/internalmed/residents/Barland_rs.jpg Aly Barland, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Pippin_rs.jpg Kaley Pippin, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Burka_rs.jpg Tekk Burka, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Rohr_rs.jpg Aaron Rohr, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Fearn_rs.jpg Kenny Fearn, MD  Images/internalmed/residents/Schoen_rs.jpg Brett Schoen, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Horkey_rs.jpg Derek Horkey, MD  Images/internalmed/residents/Williams_rs.jpg Kristin Williams, MD

Anesthesiology Interns R-1s

Images/internalmed/residents/Baer_Photo.jpg John Baer, DO Images/internalmed/residents/Monroe_Photo.jpg Forrest Monroe, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Brouillette_Phot_rs.jpg Mark Brouillette, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Siscel_Photo.jpg Jordan Siscel, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Cooke_Photo.jpg Tommy Cooke, MD Images/internalmed/residents/Stokley_Photo.jpg Lisa Stokley, MD
Images/internalmed/residents/Gourneau_Photo.jpg Bethany Gourneau, MD    

Neurology Interns R-1's

Images/internalmed/residents/faheempic_rs.jpg Nida Faheem, MD Images/internalmed/residents/markertpic_rs.jpg Matthew Markert, MD, PhD
Images/internalmed/residents/kesharypic_rs.jpg Sanjeev Keshary, MD Images/internalmed/residents/pandyapic_rs.jpg Bhavana Patel, DO
Images/internalmed/residents/Macaluso%20Crystal_rs.JPG Crystal Macaluso, DO Images/internalmed/residents/sharrockpic_rs.jpg Matthew Sharrock, MD


Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

Class of 2014
Maykel Luna-Concepcion, MD
Class of 2015
Benjamin M Mulloy, MD
Class of 2016
David Paulk, DO

Class of 2017

K Spence Kelly Spence, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
D Vernikov David Vernikov, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
American University of the Caribbean
  Class of 2018
Images/internalmed/residents/Hand_rs.jpg Aaron Hand, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
Images/internalmed/residents/Thornton_rs.jpg Kristina Thornton, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

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