Overview and Schedule of Rotations

Our program is proud of a balance between palliative care (KUMC) and hospice experiences (KCHPC).  Click on the individual rotations for additional information.

Rotation Length Site
Inpatient Palliative Care Consultation Four 4-week blocks KUMC
Inpatient Hospice-LTC Four 4-week blocks KCHPC
Home Hospice Two 4-week blocks KCHPC
Pediatrics One 4-week block KUMC/KCHPC split
    KUMC/KCHPC split
Selective/Elective Two 4-week blocks KUMC
Continuity Hospice IDT/Home Half day every other week KCHPC
Continuity PC Clinic Half day every other week KUMC
Last modified: Aug 09, 2013