Overview and Schedule of Rotations

Our program is proud of a balance between palliative care (KUMC & North Kansas City Supportive Care) and hospice experiences (KCHPC & NorthCare Hospice)

3 Fellow Model:




Inpt Pall Care Consultation Five 4-week blocks (20) KUMC & North Kansas City Hospital
Inpatient Hospice Three 4-week blocks (12) KCHPC/NorthCare Hospice
Home Hospice Combined 6-weeks (6) KCHPC/NorthCare Hospice
Pediatrics Two 2-week blocks (4) KUMC/KCHPC split
Selectives Two 1-week blocks (2) KUMC
Electives Two 1-week blocks (2) KUMC or other site with permission
Geriatrics One 2-week block (2) Local nursing facilities
Continuity Experience Every Wednesday morning Varies: KUMC / North Kansas City SC Clinic / KC Hospice IDT
 Vacation/CME 3 weeks vacation/1 week equivalent CME (4) N/A



Last modified: Jan 22, 2015