Overview and Schedule of Rotations

Our program is proud of a balance between palliative care (KUMC & North Kansas City Supportive Care & Children's Mercy Hospital) and hospice experiences (KCHPC & NorthCare Hospice). 

Adult Focused Track*:




Inpt Pall Care Consultation 18 weeks KUMC & North Kansas City Hospital
Inpatient Hospice 12 weeks KCHPC/NorthCare Hospice
Home Hospice 6 weeks KCHPC/NorthCare Hospice
Pediatrics 4 weeks CMH/KCHPC split
Selectives/Electives 6 weeks KUMC or other site with permission
Geriatrics/LTC 2 weeks + Longitudinal Experiences Local nursing facilities
Continuity Experience Every Wednesday afternoon Combination: KUMC / North Kansas City SC Clinic / KC Hospice IDT
 Vacation/Conference 3 weeks vacation & 1 week orientation + conference  N/A


Pediatric Focused Track*

The Pediatric Track will include approximately half a year working with the Children's Mercy Hospital inpatient palliative care team and a remaining combination of: adult and pediatric home visits through Kansas City Hospice & their Carousel program, pediatric psychosocial rotation, inpatient hospice, selective and elective time, a long term care rotation, and vacation/conference time. In addition there will be longitudinal continuity experiences throughout the year. 

*Rotation specifics are subject to change



Last modified: Jul 10, 2015