The Palliative Care Selectives are elective rotations that help fellows appreciate the scope and practice of hospice and palliative medicine with specific attention to various settings where primary hospice and palliative care are provided.  It gives particular attention to the clinic and outpatient settings.  This block highlights additional services and settings that may originate a hospice and palliative medicine (HPM) referral or receive requests from a HPM provider.   The fellow will recognize the role of palliative care in co-management of patients with potentially life-limiting illness at all stages of disease and in the presence of restorative, curative, and life-prolonging goals. Selective blocks are typically 1 week and options include: outpatient oncology clinic, interventional pain clinic, chaplaincy, or oncology-rehabilitation depending on the fellow’s learning goals.   Fellows who wish to spend longer period of time on one of these services may use their additional elective time(s).

The Palliative Care Elective time is devoted to a fellow’s choice of palliative care or hospice area of academic interest.  It may include time devoted to developing their scholarly projects or another clinical focus of their choosing with program director approval.  The fellow will be responsible for generation of specific goals and objectives for the elective time.


Last modified: Jan 10, 2017