• Three weeks (15 work days) of vacation per year, not to be accumulated from year  to year.
  • Two weeks (10 work days) of sick leave per year, not to be accumulated from year to year.
  • One week (5 days) of additional leave for the purpose of presenting at a national or international conference.
  • Three professional days for job interviews.
  • Three months of leave without pay for reasons including family or personal illness, serious health conditions, disability, or the birth or adoption of a child. All stipend payments and benefits will be suspended during a leave of absence. Any leave without pay time taken may extend the completion date of a fellow's training program.
  • Two embroidered white coats are provided, along with an alphanumeric pager.
  • Staff physician parking in the Bluff Garage.
  • Malpractice insurance.
  • Subsidized health insurance for house officers and families.
  • Life insurance.
  • Worker's compensation.
  • Long-term disability insurance coverage.
  • Mayo Clinic Infectious Diseases Board Review text
  • Stipend for live or web-based Infectious Diseases board review
  • Access to free and confidential counseling services (including test preparation).


Last modified: May 06, 2015