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Global Health Opportunities

An international educational experience can be a transformational learning experience during medical training. The KUMC Office of International Programs is committed to fostering and assisting with global outreach educational experiences of our Internal Medicine residents. The goal of the Office of International Programs is to support and ensure the safety and success of all international travel experiences. Because of the complexities of international travel and the need to be aware of Department of State and CDC Travel Warnings and other pertinent safety information, it is required that all resident international educational experiences be registered with and approved by the Office of International Programs. Owing to the desire to give logistical and safety support for all members of the KUMC community, it is also mandated that any faculty, resident or staff member participating in an international professional experience as a representative of KUMC, register with the Office of International Programs in advance of travel. Information about programs, contacts and requirements are available here.

To facilitate a global health opportunity, it is critical that advanced planning timelines are met:

Global Health Electives - email request and application materials submitted to IMChiefs, Suzy Williams, your Assigned Program Director & Dr. Jessica Newman 6 months before elective start date:

  • 6 months prior: any off-site application(s) are due to contacts listed in the Elective Catalog
  • International Elective Applications/GME International Elective Packet are due to listed contacts. The Assoc. Director of Outbound Programs; must be contacted at least 6 months in advance of any international travel as part of a KUMC Residency Program.
    • Experience debriefing with International Affairs Office must be conducted upon return from all international electives.
    • In order to facilitate future resident interest in pursuing global health experiences, a presentation in the context of Resident Report to faculty and peers is required.
    • Development of a scholarly product about elective experience (oral/poster presentation) required.
      • Suggested venue(s) - case: Kansas ACP, IDSA IDWeek, Other scholarly projects: Internal Medicine Research Day, Resident Research Day
  • 3 months prior- application submission materials required to be complete

If timelines are not met, the elective experience will be lost and the resident will be reassigned to a standard clinical rotation.

Email contact: Angela Peterson; Assoc. Director of Outbound Programs;

Faculty director: Site dependent

Email contact for scheduling:,,,, your Assigned Program Director

Last modified: Oct 09, 2019