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Selective and Elective Rotations

Selective Rotations

Each resident will complete an experience in geriatrics, neurology and emergency medicine. In addition, categorical residents have an average of 9 selective experience blocks during residency training.

Inpatient Selectives

Cardiology Consults Nephrology Consults
Endocrinology Consults Oncology Consults
Gastroenterology Consults Palliative Medicine Consults
General Medicine Consults Pulmonary Consults
Hematology Consults Rheumatology Consults
Infectious Diseases Consults

Outpatient Selectives 

Allergy/Immunology Hematology Opthalmology
Cardiology Infectious Disease Otolaryngology
Dermatology Integrative Medicine Pulmonary Medicine
Endocrinology Medical Oncology Rehab Medicine
Gastroenterology Non-operative Orthopedics Rheumatology
Geriatrics Nephrology Sleep Medicine


Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in research activities during their residency training. Residents can elect to take research time in two ways. First, a traditional 1-3 week block of time can be scheduled; residents on the research track can do up to 3 months of research in the context of residency. Additionally, a resident may choose to reserve a longitudinal research elective in addition to/in lieu of a block, which does not add to total elective time. These dedicated ½ day sessions are scheduled during the resident's +1 week and considered part of the resident's schedule personalization. Residents are able to request these 1/2 days starting in January of their intern year. 

Elective Rotations

Each resident may be granted up to 3 elective experiences during residency training. Each elective experience may be up to 3 weeks in duration. If a particular interest is not represented by the elective offerings, residents have the option to self-design and propose an elective block.

Elective Opportunities

Acute Leukemia Elective Community Hospitalist International Elective
Anesthesiology Custom Clinical Elective Interventional Radiology
"Away" Clinical Experience Dermatology Point of Care/Emergency Ultrasound
Board Review Intensive Diagnostic Radiology Quality/Patient Safety
Chief Resident Elective KDHE - Public Health Internship Research Elective
Community Ambulatory VA Palliative Care

For Current Residents:

Elective Rotation General Instructions   Elective Catalog

Last modified: Oct 09, 2019