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Preliminary Year in Internal Medicine

University of Kansas, Internal Medicine Residency Program

We match 10 residents per year in preliminary medicine positions.  Additionally, we train 14 residents per year in PGY1 clinical based year positions for the Departments of Anesthesia and Neurology.  These residents are an integral part of our team during their intern year as well as for years to come as we co-manage patients together at the University of Kansas Hospital.

Our preliminary year residents' schedules mirror our categorical residents' schedules with few exceptions.  Instead of continuity clinic during the +1 week, our preliminary year residents spend time in their destination program (up to the limit defined by their respective ACGME Residency Review Committee).  We work closely with KU Program Directors from our various destination programs to ensure that our preliminary year residents get the optimal clinical exposures to ensure readiness for their PGY2 year destination positions.

We do not interview candidates for our preliminary year positions.  Instead, we rank applicants based on a structured ERAS file review as well as based on feedback from destination programs (when available).

We encourage applicants to apply to both the preliminary year position tied to their destination position as well as our preliminary year position that is not associated with any specific destination position.  Additionally, we welcome applicants to apply to our preliminary year position even when they do not have plans of seeking a destination position at The University of Kansas Medical Center.

NRMP Program Codes for Preliminary Year Positions at the University of Kansas

NRMP Program Code

Program Description


Preliminary Medicine








Med-Prelim/Radiation Oncology


Med-Prelim/Internventional Radiology

Last modified: Oct 09, 2019
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Why KU?

"The 3+1 schedule provides me significant time in the Department of Radiology.  This opportunity allows me to integrate new clinical knowledge that I am acquiring on the wards with radiologic presentations.  Additionally, the hands on skills that I am acquiring in radiology, including the opportunity to dictate my own reports, will ensure that I am ready to hit the ground running on day one of my PGY2 position in my destination field."

— Stephanie Schmieder, MD
PGY1 - Medicine Prelim / Radiology