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Mission Statement and Aims

Mission Statement

The mission of our program is to provide our resident physicians with excellent clinical and scientific training allowing them to excel across all core Internal Medicine competencies. Beyond clinical readiness for practice and/or fellowship training, it is our goal to cultivate our residents' innate desire to ask questions and to seek scientific answers. Furthermore, we aim for each of our residents to understand their personality strengths, empowering them to possess the confidence and centeredness to be dynamic, humble, and empathetic team leaders who are positioned to seek exceptional opportunities in their professional lives.


The goals of our Internal Medicine Residency Program:

  1. Achieve excellence in recruitment by prioritizing a selection of diverse individuals with outstanding communication skills, a strong aptitude, an empathic personality, and an innate scientific curiosity.
  2. Provide a rotational framework that ensures a high level of competency in all areas of Internal Medicine, but still allows for an individualized educational plan for each of our residents.
  3. Assure diverse clinical experiences in the outpatient and inpatient environments, where resident learning is a priority and faculty are supported and equipped to help residents achieve their potential.
  4. Deliver an innovative curriculum with emphasis on active, simulated, and experiential learning environments that positions our program to exceed the national average for the American Board of Internal Medicine Certifying Exam three year rolling first attempt pass rate.
  5. Develop a cohort of physician scientists who embody the research mission of our department and institution.
  6. Utilize well-being consults and coaching to ensure that our resident physicians are able to recognize the benefits of proactive psychological support to optimize physician performance and to best serve our patients.
  7. Cultivate an environment within our residency program that fosters respect and kindness towards others and offers support and encouragement in all situations.
  8. In collaboration with The University of Kansas Health System and our affiliate sites, deliver a robust longitudinal experiential Quality Improvement and Patient Safety curriculum ensuring that our residents are exposed to institutional quality and safety practices so that they may be future leaders in this space.

Last modified: Oct 08, 2019