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Selective Grading

MED 908 students will be solely evaluated on their clinical performance using the core competencies outlined in the course objectives. There is no written test for Internal Medicine Sub Internship rotation (908). Throughout the rotation, the attendings supervising the students will give ongoing feedback on their performance.  Upon completion of the clerkship, a face to face evaluation with summative and formative feedback is performed by the attending or attending's the students rotated with. The Evaluation form is a clinical performance tool rating that is used by The University of Kansas Medical Center school of Medicine as an assessment for Sub-Internship /selective rotations.  The categories of evaluation include performance on Patient care, Medical Knowledge, Professionalism, Interpersonal &Communication Skills, System Based Practice and Practice-Based Learning and Improvement. Each category will be graded as Unsatisfactory, satisfactory, High satisfactory, Superior or unable to evaluate. There is a section for General Impression of student's clinical performance using the same grading scale as the previous categories.  This is then documented on an electronic performance evaluation that will be sent to the attending by the clerkship coordinator.  The evaluation will then be attached to the student's official transcript file by The University of Kansas Medical Center school of Medicine. 

Last modified: Oct 02, 2019