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Faculty Director

Upon entering my third year clerkships I was still very unsure of what path I would choose for residency. They all held my interest but after my two months of Internal Medicine I was sold. One of the main questions during residency applications was "Name a specific patient that made an impact on you". I can honestly say no one patient made an impression but it was the entire patient population as a whole. Playing detective, putting together the puzzle to find the diagnosis, all of this fascinated me and drove my hunger for knowledge.

I completed my Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Kansas. After graduation I received my board certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine and joined the staff at University of Kansas as a Hospitalist and Assistant Professor. My duties include clinical rotations on the hospital wards and overseeing residents in the residency program and education of medical students that are assigned to my service. I also am on a number of quality improvement committees for the hospital.
My research interests are Venous Thromboembolism prophylaxis and treatment and Sepsis in the hospitalized patient.

Jeff Beasley, D.O.
Assistant Professor/Hospitalist
Director, Internal Medicine Sub Internship
Medical Director, Unit 62 Progressive Telemetry
Division of Geriatric and General Medicine
University of Kansas Hospital
3901 Rainbow Blvd MS 1020
Kansas City, KS 66160

Kansas City VA Medical Center
Dr. Micah Pescetto




Last modified: Oct 02, 2019