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Welcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship!

General Goals:

The clerkship theme is "The student as a physician". It is designed to enable the medical student to transition from student to clinician through direct patient care, observation, guidance and teaching. The general aims of the clerkship are:

  1. To provide third year medical students with a clinical experience of patient care in the hospital setting.
  2. To enable students to acquire the clinical skills necessary for the collection, verification and interpretation of clinical data on their patients.
  3. To acquire the essential values, behaviors and communication skills necessary for the medical care of the sick.
  4. To acquire the ability to evaluate clinical information and formulate make competent and appropriate clinical judgments in patient care
  5. To prepare students to assume the role of primary care provider at the R1 house-officer level.


  1. Development of attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary for successful performance of ward duties.
  2. Knowledge base of the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of organ failure and metabolic derangements relevant to hospital patients.
  3. Clinical skills in interviewing, examination and documentation of patients and their problems
  4. Clinical skills in Interpretation of clinical data and management of problems commonly encountered in hospitalized patients

We are available for concerns or questions at any time.

Jennifer L. Fink, MD
Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of General and Geriatric Medicine

Last modified: Dec 19, 2019