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The final grade for the Internal Medicine Clerkship is calculated as follows:

Clinical Evaluations: 60 points
Shelf Examination: 40 points
TOTAL: 100 points

Ward and Clinic

Students are encouraged to solicit feedback on their performance early and frequently during the rotation. Each student should have a private conference with his/her attending physician during each of the two ward experiences. The attending physician should confer with other physicians who may have worked with the student and provide an open and candid appraisal of the student's performance during that particular four weeks. The final evaluation for each two-week block will be completed by the attending physician on the service on the final day of the rotation block, and will contribute to the final grade.

Students whose performance is less than acceptable in any ward experience will be notified.

Written Examination

During the final week of the clerkship, each student will sit a 2 1/2 hour National Board examination. These questions will cover areas of knowledge listed in the Objectives.

Feedback to Student

A mid-clerkship feedback evaluation will be given to the student at the halfway point of each month. An H & P evaluation will also be given during the clerkship. After completion of the Internal Medicine Clerkship, each student will receive a personal letter detailing all aspects of his/her performance during the clerkship including the final grade and also including a summary of the narrative comments on the Clinical Evaluation Forms. Copies of this will be sent to the Dean of the School of Medicine and Dr. Steven Stites, Chair, Department of Internal Medicine.

Student Feedback to Medicine Department

Every effort is made to solicit constructive criticism from medical students. To this end you will receive evaluation forms for the Internal Medicine Clerkship as well as your faculty-attending physicians. These evaluations are anonymous and most helpful in monitoring the quality of our educational efforts. Intern/Resident evaluations are also provided for you to complete.

Grade assignments

Total Points
Final Grade
79.5 or higher
Superior (SU)
69.5 - 79.4
High Satisfactory (HS)
53. - 69.4
Satisfactory (SAT)
Less than 53
Unsatisfactory (UNSAT)

Last modified: Oct 02, 2019