Schedules & Stipends


Each year the resident rotates in several different areas of dermatology including the following:

  • First-year residents spend time at KU and the VA.
  • Second-year residents spend time at KU, VA, Children's Mercy, with some Mohs and Cosmetic clinics.
  • Third years spend time at KU, VA, Children's Mercy, Mohs, Cosmetics, Electives, and Consult/Path
  • Call is divided among the first and second year residents in 1 week intervals.
  • Third-year residents take consults during the day while they are on a Consult/Pathology rotation

Resident Benefits/Stipends

Stipends (2012-2013)
R-2 $46,250/year
R-3 $47,085/year
R-4 $48,568/year

Last modified: Jun 05, 2012

We staff clinics at the following locations: