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Weight Management Program

Welcome to the KU Weight Management Programs

The KU Weight Control Research Project (WCRP) has been operating since the 1980s and consists of two branches:

1. Ongoing externally funded research projects and

2. Clinical weight management programs for individuals who want to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

Both programs use a comprehensive approach to cover all aspects of successful weight reduction and weight management, including nutrition, physical activity, and the emotional/cognitive aspects of behavior change. We approach weight management as a lifestyle change, one that will be made over time and continued throughout life.

Program Background

WCRP started at the University of Nebraska-Kearney three decades ago and transferred to the University of Kansas in 1997.WCRP investigates different dietary, behavior, and exercise-based strategies and their effects on long-term weight management.

The clinical weight management program was established in 2003 and serves individuals who do not qualify to participate in intensive clinical research studies. The cornerstone of the program is the weekly lifestyle clinic, which serves as both an educational forum and a support group. Weight management is a set of learned behaviors, thus the clinics are designed to teach and promote those behaviors.

All classes are developed by a multidisciplinary staff of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral psychologists. Medical management is provided by a staff physician when the dietary protocol or participant's individual health status deems it necessary. All participants are required to obtain physician clearance prior to beginning the program.


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Last modified: Feb 06, 2020