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Support Palliative Medicine Education & Research

We are very excited about our Palliative Medicine program, which is growing rapidly to meet the needs of patients, families, and care providers across the health system. Through symptom management, counseling to make sure that patients' preferences are understood and honored, and the facilitation of communication between health care providers, our transdisciplinary team approach strives to achieve the highest quality in patient and family centered care for those dealing with progressive illness and life change.

In addition to the provision of high quality patient and family centered care, our mission includes the education of health care providers at all levels, across the disciplines of the interdisciplinary team, to impact how care is delivered not only at KU but also wherever our graduates go to practice, in the state of Kansas and beyond.

The needs for Palliative Medicine expertise across the health care system are immense and the challenge daunting. To this end, we have created an endowment fund that help us to meet the clinical and educational needs of our patients, families, and health care partners, and learners. Donated dollars help to offset expenses incurred in the training of fellows, educational expenses for learners, nurses, social workers, bereavement and other training materials, etc. We thank you for your interest in helping to support our Palliative Care program in its clinical and educational missions through a donation. 


Last modified: Sep 28, 2018