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Overview and Schedule

Our program is proud of a balance between palliative care (KUMC & North Kansas City Supportive Care & Children's Mercy Hospital) and hospice experiences (KCH&PC).

Adult Focused Track Schedule

Rotation Length Site
Inpt Pall Care Consults 24 weeks KUMC/NKCH
Inpt Hospice 8 weeks KCH&PC
Home Hospice 4 weeks KCH&PC
Pediatrics 4 weeks CMH/KCH&PC
Electives 5 weeks KUMC or other site w/ permission
LTC 3 weeks
Longitudinal Experiences
Local nursing facilities

Continuity Experiences Half day weekly KUMC/KCH&PC
Vacation/Conference 3 weeks vacation
1 week conference/orientation

Pediatric Focused Track Schedule

The Pediatric Track will include approximately half a year working with the Children's Mercy Hospital inpatient palliative care team (PaCT) and a remaining combination of: adult and pediatric home visits through Kansas City Hospice & their Carousel program, pediatric psychosocial rotation with KU Kids Healing Place, inpatient hospice, elective time, a long term care rotation, and vacation/conference time. In addition, there will be longitudinal continuity experiences rounding with the PaCT team as they see their patients across settings. 




Inpt Peds Pall Care Consults  24 weeks CMH
Inpt Adult Pall Care Consults  4 weeks KUMC/NKCH
Inpt Hospice  4 weeks  KCH&PC
Home Hospice  6 weeks KCH&PC (Adult and Pediatric)
Psychosocial Rotation  2 weeks KUKHP
Electives  5 weeks CMH or other site with permission
LTC  3 weeks 
 Longitudinal Experiences
Local nursing facilities
Continuity Experience  Weekly during most rotations CMH clinics
Vacation/Conference  3 weeks vacation
 1 week orientation/conference

*Rotation specifics are subject to change

Last modified: Jun 20, 2019